Yellow Spider


Yellow Spider

Voiced By: 100dcx (Episodes 1-4),    Arekz (Episodes 5-8),          ultraboldore72 (Episodes 10-17), TeenChampion (Current voice actor)

Gender Male
Species Spider
Team The Awesome Team
Episode eliminated Episode 17 - Direction, not purpose! (79 votes)
Place 6th
Friends Candy Cane, Asteroid, Melon, Microphone, (Possibly) Umbrella, Rainbow, Banana, Box (in episode 7)
Enemies Fat Alien, Party Hat, Star, Key
Color Yellow body with black legs


-Yellow Spider enjoying the sun in CTW 1 Edit

Yellow Spider is a male contestant from the team "The Awesome Team", he can rage fast, he is the only animal competitor (Red Spider is a spider as well, but not a competitor) from the show Challenge To Win and the only one along with Fat Alien which are not objects that compete. Yellow Spider's best friend is Asteroid, and of course, he is a part of Challenge To Win. He is known to be very determined and is best friends with asteroid.

Episode 1 The Meeting Edit

Yellow Spider was the first to be picked on Asteroid's team, which would later be called the Awesome Team. He wasn't seen for the rest of the episode.

Episode 2 Mountain off sadness Edit

Umbrella suggests an idea to Yellow Spider, Yellow Spider holds onto umbrella and he flies them both up the mountain.

Episode 3 Cook And Eat Edit

The Awesome Team was up for elimination last time. Yellow Spider got 5 likes and 3 dislikes. He was against Key in the eating contest. In the tiebreaker Yellow spider gets an apple.

Episode 4 Christmas Happiness Edit

Him and and asteroid go for a high five but fail miserably all while star watches. Yellow spider asks where Umbrella went with Blue Planet saying he was eliminated, with Yellow Spider screaming. Asteroid and Yellow Spider are assigned to decorate the inside of the house. Yellow Spider puts up a picture of himself up on the wall. He also puts up a Christmas decoration of himself on the tree, afterwards Yellow Spider complains about how tough working was. On Christmas morning him and Asteroid celebrate Christmas with everyone else.


  • Yellow Spider along with Fat Alien are not objects competing for the show.
  • Yellow Spider and Red Spider are the only contestants to have 4 legs. Yellow Spider says he was born that way, though.
    • Spiders are supposed to have 6 or 8 legs though.
  • Yellow Spider is the smallest character on the show, tied with Red Spider, and is also the smallest contestant.
  • Yellow Spider is the only contestant to be voiced by 3 people.
  • Yellow Spider's friendship with Asteroid is never explained, which BP says while replacing Asteroid in CTW 15.
  • Yellow Spider has won the most merge challenges at 2, tied with Camera.
  • Yellow Spider has purple blood.
  • In CTW 15,his voice is seem similiar to Suitcase from II2,they were also voiced by Samuel thornbury(TeenChampion)