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The first Thanksgiving took place in 1738 in a town called çalenjetowina. There are a lot of old, young, middle, black, white,tan , american, native american, first nations, fat, skinny, fair and ugly people.

One day an ugly person threatend to kill turdkeys, a contestant in challenge to win. Howevers, teh turdkey named rejjy and some other objects when in a white version of blu planet and went to 2013 to ask a blonde for pizza and it worked.

One day rejjy met some teen humans.

boy 1: lets throw american cheese at him

others hahahahahleeleeleellololol

reggy: ahh noo wtf fuuuuuuuuuuu [splash in river and turns to human]

reggy: Yayayayayayayaya im a boy [fire catches in water melting cheeese and skin making him cheeseman]

the chhese man dies but he says

, [cheese man chesssmen chesmen]

and that's how he got eliminted in challenge to win.

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