Sweetaroo is Miner Hat's pet techbot skunk from Challenge to win. She is appear in episode 16.

She's a purple and blue on her fur because she's a electronic parts just for the cute pet robotic striped skunk. She has pink ears and a black nose. She has green eyes to find the contestants and she has her teal headset to call them too. Her collar has a heart on it and a 6 pointed star has a button. She wears a light green and yellow bow on her head and she has her red cheeks as lights.

In Guilty Innocent Miner Hat calls Sweetaroo and she coming with her "Good girl" Miner hat said. Melon saw her animal friend "She's a pet too" He ask. In the Challenge Sweetaroo dressed as a fairy princess like Miner hat then Red Spider saw her and he gonna kill her he use with his arrow and bow to shoot her and make her electroniced. In Deja Vu Miner Hat holds Sweetaroo as she give it to Hammer. At the end of the final episode Miner hat hugs her then she cares Sweetaroo and she is a cute forest pet.

In Object Reundancy the Movie Sweetaroo got shooted by the Evil 8 is using the gun but then she saw a robotic parts in her chest because she is a robot skunk as she fight them.


  • Sweetaroo is a pet skunk like Hot Dog (Melon's pet) and their are both pets.
  • She is a same as Skunkaroo (Danjhely's pet robot skunk) from MB5: Animal Patrol
  • She and Skunkaroo are have electronic parts inside their fur body.
  • Sweetaroo is a animatronic skunk but she was a forest animal