Voiced By: 100dcx



Episode eliminated


The Sweet Objects

Episode 6 (19 votes)

Species Star




Melon, Candy Cane, Microphone, Box


Yellow Spider, Banana


Orange edging, Yellow

"Yay! The stars are done!" "Yellow Spider, You're Next (to be eliminated)"

-Star when her stars are done cooking in CTW 3 Edit

Star is a contestant on Challenge To Win. Star always needs to be beautiful and shiny, if not she'll go crazy, that makes her a freak. She is a part of The Sweet Objects and of course Challenge to Win.

Appearance in The Meeting Edit

Star was inside Box with Microphone.

Star asked Microphone why she is talking so loud. Microphone tells her that she is a microphone.

Star was picked to be in Candy Cane's team,The Sweet Objects.

At the quiz challenge she told Blue Planet that she was bored already. After the challenge her team lost and was up for elimination.

Appearance in Mountain of Sadness Edit

In the elimination, Star had 2 likes and 1 dislike

At the challenge, she didn't need help climbing the mountain and as she was trying to finish she fell into a mud puddle but was still able to finish.

Appearance in Cook and Eat Edit

At the challenge, Star lost against Microphone because she just stood there.

At the tiebreaker, Star was cooking some stars on the stove.Blue Planet ate one and transformed into a star.

After that,her team was up for elimination.

Appearance in Christmas Happiness Edit

Star was watching Asteroid and Yellow Spider doing a high five but failed

At the challenge, Star was helping her teammates decorate their Christmas house.

When it was Christmas, Star was happy that she got a present from Santa Claus.

Trivia Edit

  • Star is the only contestant on the show not to have any limbs what so ever.
  • Star is the only lowest female contestant in rank

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