Red Spider

Red Spider idle
Voiced By: Retro Guy
Gender Male
Species Spider
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Blue planet Austin (Likes to annoy him)
Color Red

Red Spider is a spider which he tries to join Challenge To Win but can't because Blue Planet dosen't let him. He is still considered as a character for Challenge To Win but not a contestant. He is not related to Yellow Spider. simuilar to austin de spider. when he wants to be in the show but austin won't let him.


  • Red Spider is a funny spider who competes in Battle For The Object Kingdom.
    • However, he had a different voice on BFTOK.
  • Red Spider is the only contestant to never be on a team, and also the only cameo contestant.
  • Red Spider is also called "Pulang Gagamba" in Filipino said by Camera in Episode 12
  • Red Spider was originally not going to be on the show, but the writer Mat2468xk and the writer for future episodes Retro Guy wanted him to appear on Episode 12 and on counting, Except Red Spider did not appear in episode 15.
  • Red Spider has a Master's Degree at being a doctor, as seen in Episode 14.
  • He competed in Battle For The Object Kingdom (BFTOK).
  • he is in austin de spider.
  • He Makes a Cameo in Tono ho as an circled O stuff object


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