hes dumb, and gay, and dumb.

i dont want to write anything

i dont know

dont write that down

i dont know

i think we have enough of that

thats it

Red Spider

Red Spider idle
Voiced By: Retro Guy
Gender non
Species non
things to do playing with its self
things he don't like doing nutting on a Friday
colors of his body purple and

never mind

  1. The Truth
  2. he normal on the out side but in the inside he hella gay.
  3. he got no homies and or family
  4. in fact he was dropped and left in the road
  5. he is still a funny spider thing
  6. but he still gay. no one likes him
  7. because he's gay and dumb
  8. and hes 12 and sent nudes
  9. hes also a girl and boy mix
  10. he is gay and gay
  11. ass

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