"Immunity cards are totally unfair. I know, I am a debuter, but still, vote for me." -Party Hat's rejoin line in CTW 15.

Voiced by: 100dcx, Plainsville (episode 8 only)


Species Party Hat
Team The Awesome Team
Episode eliminated Episode 9 (13 votes)
Place 12th
Friends Umbrella, Fat Alien,
Enemies Hammer, Key, Yellow Spider
Color Red, Yellow and Pink

Party Hat, labeled The Colourful One, is a recommended character who competes on Challenge to Win. he was eliminated in the Episode 9 double elimination, along with Fat Alien.

Episode 5 The New Guest Edit

Party Hat debuted in this episode and barely beat out orangey who got 8 votes, Party Hat got 10 votes and joined CTW. he didn't do anything for the rest of the episode. At the end of the challenge he went on the Awesome Team.

And also his asset has Changed after he Debuted

Episode 6 The Best Artist Edit

Party Hat Draws a picture of himself which says debuter. Party Hat says that its unfair they lost.

Episode 7 Don't Cry Baby! Edit

In the elimination Party Hat gets zero likes and he got 2 dislikes from Hammer and Key. In the babysitting challenge, Party Hat has never babysitted at all. Later on he says off babysitting, and he puts some shades on.


  • Party Hat was the first eliminated contestant where an original contestant used their immunity card (in this case, Yellow Spider). Because he's different like from BOTO.
  • Party Hat finds Immunity Cards unfair, mostly due to the fact that he was eliminated due to Yellow Spider using an immunity card, resulting in his Elimination. (Confirmed in Episode 15)