Miner Hat (The blue electronic hat like the cat) is a female contestant on Challenge to win. She is a rejoin recommended Character as she falls down in episode 12.

In Parade of skills she won a immunity along with Melon. In episode 15 she's nervous because she is only a last girl. In Guilty Innocent Miner hat met Melon with his pet then she calls her pet but it was a techbot skunk. Miner hat hugs her pet and she called her Sweetaroo because she is a new techbot skunk. In the Red vs. Blue challenge she is a team captain along with Asteroid Melon and Yellow Spider. Red Spider saw Miner hat and he shoot her with his bow and arrow and make her blow up. Miner hat's team wins and the immunity with Asteroid.

In Deja Vu Miner hat is in 3rd Place because she paint and made her best pet friend as She hugs Sweetaroo then she hugs Asteroid and Camera. Her love interest is Party Hat because he had a crush on her.

  • She is a second recommended Character to join.
  • She has her pet like Melon has.
  • She has her Contestant scanning glasses like live in Shape Battle.