Miner Hat is a female Contestant in Challenge to Win. She appears in Episode 12.

In the 13 episode Miner Hat was nervous because she was the only last girl to be eliminated.In episode 16 Miner Hat saw Melon She has her pet techbot skunk Sweetaroo when she's petting her in Guilty Pleasure.

In the Red vs Blue Challenge, Miner Hat is dress as a fairy as she got blow up by Red Spider when he shoot her but after she won immunity with Asteroid.

In Deja Vu Miner hat is in 3rd Place because she paint and made her best pet friend as She hugs Sweetaroo then she hugs Asteroid and Camera.

In Season 2 Miner Hat Become a Co-Host at the Elimination.


  • She has her pet like Melon
  • Miner Hat is only the last girl when she was afraid.
  • She has Contestant Scanning Glasses as a prize in Shape Battle
  • She is Dressed as a Cat