Voiced By: 100dcx
Gender Male
Species Fruit (specifically a melon or watermelon)
Origin Morocco (West Sahara)
Team The Sweet Objects and The Awesome Team
Episode eliminated Episode 18 - Stay In Motion (186 votes)
Place 4th
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Candy Cane (in episode 10 and episode 12) Key
Color 2 types of green


-Sportacus' noise in various episodes Edit

Sportacus is nice and friendly, and he has a lot of friends. Sportacus sometimes is noisy and funny, he is part of The Sweet Objects but later he moved to The Awesome Team, and of course part of Challenge To Win. He makes wierd faces and sounds .

The Meeting Appearance Edit

Sportacus was trying to get friends, and Banana rejected him which made Sportacus make a forever alone face.

Sportacus was choosen to be in The Sweet Objects. And he is NOT dumb whoever did this.

Mountain of Sadness AppearanceEdit

He kept trying to climb the mountain, but he kept falling until he got help from box.

Cooking and Eating AppearanceEdit

Sportacus switched teams because Leo Pants chose him to be on the Awesome Team. In the challenge, Melon didn't eat the candy. But he bumped through it and he lost. During the tiebreaker, Melon is confused. He and Mike The Microphone Guy wanted Fat Alien's cakes and they win the challenge

Christmas Happiness AppearanceEdit

Sportacus was assigned to do the outside of the Awesome Team house by Mike The Microphone Guy.


  • He always keeps yelling "Waaaaah!" for happiness or for some other emotion.
  • Sportacus cried in Episode 12, when he was slapped by Zobomafoo, repeating his signature "Waaaaah!" over and over.
  • Sportacus is one of the two contestants to be on both teams, the other one being Harshit Hammer.
  • He is one of the two contestants that are fruit, the other one is Banana.
    • Arlo The Orange Orangutan or Evil Banana Joe could have been fruits competing for the show, but neither of them got enough votes, and did not debut.
  • Sportacus was the 1st character to make a weird face (being the Forever Alone face), shown in Episode 1.
  • Sportacus likes sports candy, as in Episode 11, he wanted sports candy for Christmas, in Episode 12, he got Sports Candy, and in Episode 14, he thinks "Sports Candy" will be eliminated
  • Sportacus is eliminated in episode 18 with 1 vote more than key at 186 votes, which is also the highest amount of votes to be eliminated with in the season.

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