Hot Dog is Melon's pet, as revealed in Challenge to Win episode 16. He's kind to Melon and if Melon tells him what to do, he'll always do it.

Challenge to Win Episode 16: Guilty Innocent Edit

He's not seen much in the episode. He's only seen in one scene, where Melon want's to show him to Asteroid. Then Hot Dog appears. Melon says that he's a good boy and then asks him to chase Blue Planet. He woofs and then he runs away to find Blue Planet. He finds BP and is angry at him. BP is then chased by Hot Dog and screams in panic. He's not seen for the rest of the episode.

Trivia Edit

- He's the first ever Challenge to Win non-contestant character who is a pet. - His name has " dog" in it, which describes why he's a pet. - He is also the first non-spider character to have four legs in the series. - Asteroid didn't know what he was before he was called by Melon. - It's quite possible that Hot Dog may be Melon's best friend.