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The Generation 3 Cast

Challenge to Win Generation 3 is the third and latest Generation of Challenge to win.


Episode 10 Not Amused

Episode 11 Late Christmas

Episode 12 There is Only One Way Out

Episode 13 Parade of Skills

Episode 14 The truth behind that face

Episode 15 A conflict leads to mistakes

Episode 16 Guilty Innocents

Episode 17 Direction not purpose!

Episode 18 Stay in montion

Episode 19 A dominant performance (part 1) - (part 2)

Episode 20 Deja Vu

People EliminatedEdit

Box was eliminated with 43 votes in Not Amused

Wheel was eliminated in Late Christmas with 16 votes she would have been safe but Candy Cane lied and said she had a Immunity Card

Candy Cane was eliminated in episode 13 "Parade of Skill" with 138 votes

Rainbow was eliminated in episode 14 "The truth behind that face" with 82 votes

Umbrella was eliminated in A conflict leads to mistakes, but since there is a rejoin, any character can rejoin.

Yellow spider and hammer was eliminated in Episode 17" Direction not purpose! yellow spider with 79 votes and hammer with 74 votes

Melon was eliminated in Episode 18" Stay in motion with 186 Votes

Key was eliminated in Episode 18" but she was eliminated in the skipping rope challenge

people rejoinedEdit

Key rejoined with 63 votes

Easter Egg Edit

As you see the sky in the intro and episodes 10,11 and 12 you can see a cloud that looks like the cloud dragon from the Facebook game Dragon City.


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Microphone (Eliminated)

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Star (Eliminated)

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Fat Alien (Eliminated)

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Party Hat (Eliminated)

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Blue Planet

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