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Challenge to Win Generation 2 is the second generation of Challenge to win it contained episodes 5-9

5-1-2014 3-25-52 PM

The Generation 2 Cast



Episode 5 The New Guest

Episode 6 The Best Artist

Episode 7 Don't Cry Baby

Episode 8 Swim in Seconds

Episode 9 Throw to Miss

People EliminatedEdit

Star with 19 votes in The Best Artist

Microphone with 7 votes from the contestants in Don't Cry Baby

Fat Alien with 33 votes in Throw to Miss

Party Hat with 13 votes in Throw and Miss. He would have been safe, but since Yellow Spider used his immunity card he was out.

People DebutedEdit

Party Hat with 10 votes in The New Guest

People RejoinedEdit

Hammer with 10 votes in Swim in Seconds


5-1-2014 7-15-19 AM


5-1-2014 7-16-53 AM


5-1-2014 7-17-43 AM

Party Hat (Debuted)

5-1-2014 7-19-07 AM


5-1-2014 7-19-38 AM

Candy Cane

5-1-2014 7-20-55 AM


5-1-2014 7-21-53 AM


5-1-2014 3-11-08 PM


5-1-2014 3-12-44 PM

Fat Alien

5-1-2014 3-13-59 PM

Yellow Spider

5-1-2014 3-18-25 PM


5-1-2014 3-20-25 PM

Key (Eliminated)

5-1-2014 3-21-38 PM

Banana (Eliminated)

5-1-2014 3-22-24 PM

Hammer (Rejoined)

5-1-2014 3-23-12 PM

Blue Planet

5-1-2014 3-13-16 PM


5-1-2014 3-10-21 PM


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