Challenge 2 Win is the official 2nd season and the followup of Challenge to Win. It currently has 15 contestants revealed to compete (it is yet unknown, however, if there will be contestants from Season 1 competing as well).

Cast Edit

Cast members revealed so far:

Anvil, reccomended by Cormac Oliver.

Ping Pong Racket, reccomended by NitroNinja

Pistachio, reccomended by Katyj98

Autumn, reccomended by MatrVincent

Battery, reccomended by Dennis K

Cantaloupe, created by 100dcx

Clapperboard, reccomended by Diego Valdivia

Flipnote, reccomended by the CTW fan art contest winner, Mitchell Martin

Kary, reccomended by the CTW fan art contest winner, XanyLeaves

Metronome, reccomended by Years

Onion, created by 100dcx

Pawn, reccomended by The Futech Hacker

Poker Chip, reccomended by Mr. Jinks Animations (aka Slick Swagger Three)

Razor Blade, reccomended by BeAwesomeOne/LOSOfficial

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