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Voiced By: 100dcx
Gender Male
Species Box
Team The Sweet Objects
Episode eliminated

Episode 10: Not Amused (43 votes)

Place 11th


Enemies Candy Cane (in CTW 11)
Color Orange


Box is wide and fat, that's how he can carry objects, he is friendly beacuse he accept objects to stay in him. Box is a part of The Sweet Objects and of course, of Challenge To Win.

Challenge To Win Episode 1 The MeetingEdit

In the second scene of the episode Box was carrying Microphone and Star

Box was choosen by Candy Cane to be on her team.

In the challenge, there are not scenes with her wrtiting or saying something, even without arms, she wrote something. But her team lost, that means The Sweet Objects are up for elimination.

Challenge To Win Episode 2 Mountain of SadnessEdit

Before the intro, Blue Planet was inside of Box, he jumped outside and he said "Let's see who will be eliminated and who gets a prize!"

As you can know Box was up for elimination. He had 1 prize vote, that meanshe is 4th at the most prize votes, also Camera was 1st at the most prize votes with 4 votes. Also, Box is safe with 2 votes, that means Box and everybody exept Key, Star and Banana, are 2nd at the most elimination votes, also Banana is 1st at the most elimination votes with 5 votes, so he is eliminated.

At the challenge, Box carried Candy Cane and Melon and he climbed the mountain. Also his team, The Sweet Objects win, so The Awesome Team is up for elimination.

Challenge To Win Episode 3 Cooking and EatingEdit

At the challenge, Box had an eating contest with Melon and he won, but it was a tiebreaker, so than it was a best food contest, Box vomited and Orange candy, that says 2 on it. Blue Planet ate it, and then he vomited flying. Also his team, The Sweet Objects lose, so they're up for elimination.

Challenge To Win Episode 4 Christmas HappinessEdit

At the elimination box got the most prize votes and he wins an immunity card, he even asked Blue Planet what's that. Box had 5 elimination votes so, he's safe like Wheel with the each number of votes, Box is 2nd at the most elimination votes and Key is 1st with 10 votes, even if he got 0 votes in episode 2.

At the challenge, Box was a background character, nothing special. But Box waked up Blue Planet on Christmas day.


  • A different Box competes on Inanimate Insanity II, but he is not the same as the one competing on Challenge to Win.
  • Box is similar to Pin from BFDI who held her chance to be safe at elimination until it was too late.
  • Box is the largest contestant in CTW.
  • Box is the first contestant to win an immunity card.
  • Box was in the bottom 3 in episodes 4, 6, and 10.


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