• BrownFamily1108
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  • Hot choc is love

    I hope 100x mind

    Her name is cherry and she is nice to others. She is like bow

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  • TheRobloxianGuy67

    Isit 19

    December 22, 2016 by TheRobloxianGuy67

    I Dont Care if the season ends on episode 20 or 19

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  • Cryantix

    CTW 16 Results

    December 31, 2014 by Cryantix

    I counted all the votes, and I got this:


    Red Spider: 3 votes (what?)

    Microphone: 5 votes

    Star: 9 votes

    Candy Cane: 15 votes

    Party Hat: 17 votes

    Box: 27 votes

    Umbrella: 31 votes

    Banana: 35 votes

    Wheel: 39 votes

    Rainbow: 40 votes

    Fat Alien: 54 votes

    Key: 58 votes

    So Key rejoins.

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  • Cryantix

    Random CTW Game.

    November 30, 2014 by Cryantix

    Go to, and set the minimum to 1 and the maximum to 16. Whatever the number you get is a CTW character.






    6=Party Hat

    7=Fat Alien



    10=Candy Cane







    What did you get? I got Fat Alien

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  • HarmonTower805


    September 21, 2014 by HarmonTower805

    Hey everyone, InanimateInsanityNickel here and I'm am going to have a Challenge to Win Voting Tortament, this is kinda like what 444dymek does except with BFDi and II chracters and I want to do something like that too


    444dymek's channel -

    So I'm starting out with all 16 contestants and the one with the most votes will move on to the next round. I hope you enjoy this.

    Voting Ends: 10/19/14

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  • Creamycakes


    July 8, 2014 by Creamycakes

    im quitting cause i am too young for this. you have to be 13 and im not 13 sadly. and my mom caught me on wikia, so im busted. bye guys. cream you in 6 years. 

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  • Creamycakes

    the reason is my parents didnt want me on here. but i secertly go on here... im scared while writing this cause they're gone, and i feel like im being watched..

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  • Jamie3g


    June 11, 2014 by Jamie3g

    Is Key Anyone Elses Favorite Character? :)

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  • Themadnessfiles


    June 11, 2014 by Themadnessfiles

    This page is updated regularly. Check back for more updates!

    PSB is the next season in POB, consisting of 21 contestants to battle for another prize that is yet to be revealed until there is one last person standing... Kinda something like BFDI. Except the whole show takes place in space. Hey, that rhymed! Yeah, check out the series here.

    POB episodes 1-13 are done, which concludes the first season.

    PSB episode 1 is done, and PSB 2 is being worked on at the moment, check my YouTube regularly.

    Next episode: September 4-September 15

    Wiki: Here it is. Please help it. :P

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  • AzokoLoko


    I have calculated the votes on Episode 12, and I got them all. Here are the (possible) results.

    6th - Umbrella
    5th - Candy Cane
    4th - Asteroid
    3rd - Hammer
    2nd - Rainbow
    1st - Camera

    6th - Rainbow
    5th - Camera
    4th - Umbrella
    3rd - Asteroid
    2nd - Hammer
    1st - Candy Cane

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  • Dream Thinker

    I'm So Lonely...

    December 7, 2013 by Dream Thinker

    Please comment

    I don't get any comments :,(

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  • Ivano2006

    guys special news

    December 2, 2013 by Ivano2006

    challenge to win 10 is added!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad box is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Dream Thinker

    Another Object Show Fan

    November 29, 2013 by Dream Thinker

    Hi everyone! I am an anonymous object show fan who loves to animate and play video games in my spare time! And I really appreciate being a part of the wiki community. Ok, that's all for now, bye! :D

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  • Creamycakes

    A creamy idea!

    July 19, 2013 by Creamycakes

    So, are you having a delicious summer? I hope you are because... Today, we are gonna learn a fact about cakes and cream. So many facts to share about but we will share them later. Feel free to have a happy delicious summer!

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  • Xnabber4444

    Hey guys i have an idea for this wikia, polls! but i don't know how to do it... maybe it's impossible. but just an idea! keep doing stuff on this :D

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  • Ctnumber


    May 13, 2013 by Ctnumber

    Hey guys! I am very thankfull beaucse you helped my wiki, TheHopikness became an admin beacuse of the most edits and I'll be more active. Thanks.

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  • Thehopkinses

    What I Do

    April 14, 2013 by Thehopkinses

    I Make Gamer World

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